Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bkis determined the source of the U.S., Korea website attack

A computer in the UK is likely to cause the source of the DDoS weeks ago. Committee for National Media Korea (KCC) that will be based on an analysis of Bkis to promote work with more English.
> Website U.S. government, South Korea were in attack.

According Center network security Bach Khoa (Hanoi), with 166,908 computers from 74 countries in the world is mobilized in order to attack the website of the U.S. government, South Korea and some other countries.

Map system botnet DDoS attack to the government South Korea and the United States websites.

Organized rescue emergency computer problems by South Korea (KrCERT) suggested Bkis help in code analysis is used in this stage DDos experts and network security in Vietnam identified 8 server control system a botnet (network computer code) as well as the IP address of the server itself (master server) set in England.

Nguyen Duc Minh, Director of Security Bkis, confirm that this is the first time a report has found the appearance of the master server. Detected by Bkis have some differences with the report by South Korea government, which in the code that automatically works without receiving commands from the server control.

The IP address of the master server of the attack.

Results also left with the suspect before that North Korea stands behind the service. "We are not sure who attacked you really in the UK or not, or can a computer hack has been English for 'total mobilization' of exploitation", a member of the KCC said.

DDoS attack last a week from a 04/07/2009 cause more sites paralyzed, including website of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation, the Committee of Commercial Federal (USA) and home of Korea's country. Bkis for every 3 minutes a time, computers infected with viruses randomly select a server 8 in order to get control. They control 2 of 8 servers through server original finding. Master server running this operating system Windows Server 2003, IP address range in 195.90.118.x, registered at suppliers Global Digital Broadcast of UK.

Photos: Bkis.


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