Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bank robbery is written directly on Twitter

"Today is really tired", a 26 year old web producters opening day with a lamentation on Twitter. A few hours later, the followers shocking with her information "HSBC is in controlled - I'm at it".

"Trackball in my phone is corrupt. I am still in the bank", Annemarie Dooling, has Twitter address is @TravelingAnna with 1,900 followers, updates the bank robbery in New York (USA) on AM 14/07/2009.

Some people criticized Dooling why not call the police instead of the passion for composing information on her BlackBerry. "Someone has called, people will not encounter dangerous and my only concern is contact with my friends and my colleagues", she explained.

HSBC Bank in New York after robbed yesterday. Photo: AP.

Dooling when standing in queue at HSBC 9h morning, the cashier looked very stressful and jitter. Then, a man working outside the bank and immediately closed. Telephone encounter problems should not be able to call or send e-mail report to work late. So to twitter.

"They do not let us leave the bank", "The police just came, I could come home", "We are all right, the police are interrogating", "We're talking about Heat movie"... Series of messages to be friends before Dooling receive information: "I came home".

Her Twitter account has more 200 followers (subscribers receive the information that an account on twitter raised) in a few hours. Police said man was stealing to get $ 500 and left a threat to a cashier. Also the founder twitter are checking it to see the tweet (the term long-only message is not over 140 characters on twitter) first related to theft or bank.


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