Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 beautiful technology products

The computer game, first Blu-ray, mobile phone or storage devices this could not be in a variety of electronic product design through to the eye.

Each device is good or bad depending on how each person's vision. PC World Magazine offers some criteria as to which is the product that consumers can buy (not the form or forms Prototype concept), each company / manufacturers are only mentioned once, and they priority equipment means history.

Motorola StarTAC (1996) is a mobile shell gập first in the world, are designed on small and ranked No. 6 in 50 devices in excellent half decades of PC World.

We can praise iPod nano, iPhone, iMac, Cinema Display ... but can not get the beauty of the laptop "is streamlined in the envelope" MacBook Air (2008). Designed piece of it tomorrow cause many manufacturers computer to try to mimic.

Alienware Liquid-cooled ALX Gaming PC version since the beginning S261 (2005) Area-51 to X58 (2008) are impressive designs.

Hillcrest Labs has just launched to control the Loop with 99 USD. Loop can act as a computer mouse for PC and Mac, or used for PowerPoint presentations, compatible with the PS3, Apple TV, and Kodak Theater HD Player.

Top BeoCenter 2 disk CD / DVD Player (2009) Bang & Olufsen of making rooms more strange.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog (1999-2006) integrated camera and the ability to recognize 100 voice commands (ranked 44 in the list of 50 product excellence by PC World).

Storage systems LaCie 5big Network (2008) may contain from 2.5 to 10 terabyte data.

Samsung BD-P4600 (2009) are slim Blu-ray on the market (nearly 4 cm) and can hang on the wall with prices around 500 USD.

Blue Dragonfly Microphone (2009) look professional and easy position adjustment can rotate through at the top.

Projector LG AN110 Digital Projector (2005) show the resolution of 1080i on the screen up to 100 inches.


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