Monday, June 29, 2009

Windows 7 can be distributed through USB

Microsoft is considering selling their new operating system Window 7 through USB driver for users to easily upgrade for no optical drive and slower speed netbook.

Windows now only be issued via DVD or download online. However, many netbook not integrated CD, DVD, the size of Windows 7 is 2,3 GB, it will take a few hours for download on average connection.

Upgrading the operating system is a challenge for netbook. Windows Vista has failed to penetrate this market, it forces Microsoft to continue supporting Windows XP services for cheap laptops.

Therefore, the U.S. software Microsoft are trying to help the transition to Windows 7 more convenient. Using USB as an ability, but Vice President Bill Veghte said they "does not have anything to announce".

Microsoft already announced Windows 7 prices here.


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