Saturday, June 27, 2009

Microsoft announced Windows 7 prices

This makes many people are surprised is to upgrade Windows 7 from XP and Vista on new cost equally. In addition, in some market, users pay only $50 if booking Windows 7 from 26/06.

On 22/10, this OS package product by U.S. software corporations Microsoft will be avaiblable on the world with 14 languages and added 21 more languages (no Vietnamese) on 31/10. Computer installed Vista Home Premium, Business and Ultimate from today will receive the replacement corresponding to the Windows 7 free or very low cost on 31/1/2010.

Prices of Windows 7 lower of 10% compared to Vista (depending on each market). For example, Windows 7 Home Premium cheaper $40 than Windows Vista Home Premium. More detail, the purchase prices in the U.S. are:

--------Packages------------ Upgrade ------- Full
Windows 7 Home Premium ------ $119,99 ------ $199,99
Windows 7 Professional ------ $199,99 ------ $299,99
Windows 7 Ultimate ---------- $219,99 ------ $319,99

Specifically, Microsoft allows booking Windows 7 with a lower rate of nearly 50%. Accordingly, users can buy Windows 7 Home Premium only $49.99, Professional version is $99.99 through retail channels Best Buy, Amazon and online Microsoft Store. However, the rebate is only happening in some markets and lasts from 26/06/2009 to 11/07/2009 in the U.S. and Canada, 05/07/2009 in Japan. Customers in the UK, France and Germany can order from 15/07/2009 to 14/08/2009.

Reference: Microsoft Blog


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