Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wind may dwindle because of climate change

Global warming status causes of the global wind speed reduction over time, from U.S. meteorological alert.

Before the present hypotheses on the effects of glass reduces the power of wind is the topic of debate in science, because many people think that it can not happen. But a recent study by the University of Iowa (USA), demonstrated that the average speed and maximum speed of the wind in the U.S. has decreased rapidly since 1973, particularly in the west and north.

"Within a decade, the wind speed in the western states to reduce 10%," professor Eugene Takle, Head of research group, said. Sara Pryor, the research atmosphere of the University Indinana (USA) and also participate in research Takle is confirmed, the number of days with weak wind and no wind in the Western state also increased in recent years. Map of U.S. time shows the wind speed reduction along the Mississippi river, especially in the east.

By Takle, we can explain the decline in the wind on the operation of the climate. When the earth warm up, increase the level of the two extremes occur more quickly than the rest of the earth. The research on the temperature of the North Pole has demonstrated this trend. That means the temperature difference between equator and extreme decrease. When the temperature difference between pole and equator narrow, the pressure difference between them is reduced by. Is difference in air pressure as large as the strong wind, so wind weaken the difference in air pressure dropped.

Many scientists do not participate in research Takle agree that, more evidence shows that wind speed is reduced and climate change can be assurance.

However, Jeff Freedman, a specialist on the atmosphere of the company's energy advisory AWS Truewind (U.S.), that data Takle is not clear evidence about the relationship between climate change with speed wind. According to him, in the field of climate research, we need to consider all causes and bring them to the pricing model established to test the impact of them. Freedman said that the wind speed can be reduced because of other factors. Gavin Schmidt, a scientific agency of the universe Airlines U.S. (NASA), that results of research Takle conflict with the climate model (where the status of global warm-up without any work slide to the wind speed).


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