Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Build the first treatment harmful waste factory

With the capacity to process up to 21 tons per day, factory treatment harmful waste in HCM City begins in construction on 16/06 morning, which is our big hope in the resolution of medical waste and industrial waste.

Before this factory was built, medical waste and industrial harmful (such as light-xi, needle injection, batteries, lights, wiper ...) in Ho Chi Minh City are handled by regular burning. This unit by private companies or urban environment of the city. Model factory waste treatment harmful in Dong Thanh - Hoc Mon district.

"This is a factory process waste harmful first and main provisions of the city, ensuring that processing volume, as well as special waste types of harm that the other can not solve," he Huynh Minh Nhut, Director urban environment - the investor for the project.

Speaking in the ceremony started this morning at Dong Thanh - Hoc Mon district, Mr. Nhut confirmed after completion, not including industrial waste, the factory will resolve to thoroughly volume medical waste in HCMC.

"The Waste of harm in the city so much as to any planning where, how to handle, safe. This is the factory of the nature for in case of harmful waste increase high as when the flu epidemic or...", Mr. Dao Anh Kiet, Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment HCMC evaluation.

Built right in the garbage buried lấp East District, Hoc Mon district, factory waste treatment harmful with area 3.2 ha. Total investment over 95 billion, estimated last year the factory will be completed.

Hazardous waste has been burned through 3 room with temperature up to 1300 C degrees, then the ash will be transported out. Gas processing technology by the dry, in the chimney of the factory has installed measuring devices and automatic control of gas.


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