Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vietnamese case make huge interested on international forums

"The death bunker" by Do Duc Thang (44 tuổi, Saigon) had been to the list of top 4 excellent computers case on the website of the famous the "case of" Extreme Tech.

While working in construction, Thang is in love computer and self-assembly systems for his own. Beginning in 2008, he emerged the idea of creating a case taken inspiration from the movie Pirates of the Caribbbean: Dead Man's chest (The bunker death).

Since this is the first hand work, just as he has adjusted, change the details accordingly should take nearly 2 months with new improved cost about 1.5 million VND. In addition, the search for the frieze, retail, course ... Classic style is not easy (after he found on a site of Rumania).

Receive praise when posting products on Techpower Up (USA), he decided to join the the case of the Extreme Tech 04/2009. This test last in one month to choose top 4 best case of each 4 weeks (Thang best achieved by week 4th). Extreme Tech is currently gathering votes vote system for excellence in, 2845,2346909,00.asp

Dead Man's chest is made from MDF and chip dual core Intel 6750, Asus P5K mainboard, 2 GB RAM, graphics nvidia 8600 GT graphics card, two 160 GB hard drive, DVD recording drive, 8 USB ports and LCD screen of Dell.

Review some computer case 'made in Vietnam' and some excellent mod case on the world.


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