Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some excellent cases on the world

The Mod Case Contest 2007 by ExtremeTech Magazine (USA) organizations have chosen the PC case unique and creative, as in a case hit the dragon image, computer robots ...

The contest starts from the 16/07 and lasts for 4 weeks.

Dragon system mod case in first week by John Wudl, age 56, in Pennsylvania thanks to the sharpness sculpt dragon's sophisticated style East Asia.

John Deer Gas Pump: The interesting products in impressive week 2nd by Frank Macon, 36 years old, from Missouri, can be switched off by the web's gas.

Optimus Prime: Template excellent mod case of weeks 3rd by John Mangus, age 36, the Pennsylvania. When "stand up", machine high to nearly 2 meters.

Atlas Mech: Books by Don Soules in Michigan is not only impressive system, but week 4th is the highest award in 2007 Case Mod. Atlas Mech 1 meter high and Soules take a year to perfect new products.

Books reach resolution, including encouraging Digg Case by Alex Wiley, Kevin Core's Batmobile and Famine by David Presken.

"Music Box" PC Jukebox by Joan Jett and Fairy Case Mod - files Robert Buzzard make 5-year-old granddaughter - to receive most comments by readers.


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