Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Video with webcam and send directly to YouTube

The largest common video sharing website supports this feature for those who have the habit of using webcam to make clip.

To use the service, users first need to make sure the webcam attached to your computer and works well. Then, open a web browser and access the link youtube.com / my_webcam then proceed to sign in with YouTube account. You will see the web Interface settings Webcam.

Mark in the Allow and then click Close to enable YouTube "contact" with your webcam. Interface waiting ready for the film.

Ready to click Record to record video. If webcam function recording the audio will be accompanied by recorded video. When finished, click Stop.

3 options after the video recording is completed.
In the next user will see 3 options:
- Preview: View the video just back.
- Re-record: Back to the movies.
- Publish: Publish the video back on YouTube recently. Upload a few seconds, you will move through the site to allow a refined information related to the clip title, description clip ... then click Save Changes to save. Home refine information back just movies.

While waiting for the website administrator approval your movies, users can access youtube.com/my_videos to manage their video clips. Here, they'll see the just made clip appears first on the list of clips that they uploaded before.


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