Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hyundai Santa Fe 2010 launchs in South Korea

Upgraded version of the sport car Santa Fe is providing excellent tools and more.

This is a dedicated market for South Korea (KDM - Korean Domestic Market). Because only a new version of the product cycle of the SUV should not have much change. Net heat dissipation, lower than, fog lights, cluster design dashing, surpassing by way of definition to the phrase on the headlight and the body. 2010 Santa Fe line features are stronger.

Net heat dissipation type mirror also brings extensive logistics design the air over the school. The metal casting vành 5 new double chấu. Because only disclose unique image should not be more comments about the extension units.

Engines still including 4 machine oil. In which the parameters of 2 liters and 184 horsepower and ultra-xoắn men's 392 Nm. Version 2.2 is 200 liters and 436 horsepower Year. Photos of the test Santa Fe was released from the 5th.

Launched since 2001, Santa Fe through two generations. The first two villages since 2007 with the beautiful changes, and the very thought of America. 2010, Santa Fe the second half to the cycle and it is time Hyundai need improvement to new, attracting the attention of customers.


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