Monday, June 22, 2009

Norton Internet Security 2009 becomes lean and faster

The whole process of Norton Internet Security 2009 installation is just 60 seconds and no need to restart the system. Time boot recorded under 10 seconds.

Be available at last September, Norton Internet Security 2009 (NIS 2009) requires no more than 100MB hard disk space and run uses less than 7 MB of memory RAM.

In addition, intelligent Norton Insight technology allows the tool just scan only those files at risk, damaged, strange files, suspect and ignore the common and reliable files. Thus, scanning speed is also improved (scans speed faster 79% than the average industry standards).

NIS 2009 interface.

NIS 2009 also allows automatically updated list of viruses quickly by cycles from 5 to 15 minutes or less. Following the criteria of minimizing the occupied system resources, Symantec made Smart Scheduler limited NIS 2009 using more resources while users are working. Or automatically silent mode will be established when access full screen. In this mode, NIS 2009 will not give any warning, which will "quietly" working to not disrupt the work of the user. Protect sensitive personal information such as credit cards.

According to Director of Product NIS Jody Gibney, in addition to the significant improvement of size and speed, NIS 2009 also has improved more than 300 different technologies to deliver high performance, mechanisms to protect the users more.

Feature Anti-phishing provides the most effective solutions against online fraud combination to detect fraud based on the blacklist and deductive methods. Identity Safe security by identifiers allow login easily and safely with only one click to the site, e-commerce preferred. Bot protection provide anti-bot features and new technology to clean most of the original with improved technical analyst behavior SONAR help control the most dangerous malwares.

NIS 2009 can also protect web browser extensions can integrate with Internet Explorer and Firefox, helps to prevent the "attack immediately". In addition, the program also features anti-spam, Parental Control, Firewall...


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