Monday, June 22, 2009

8 prominent feature in Firefox 3.5

The important upgrade for the second most popular browser on the world is prepared to appear along with some smarter features and tools (called Firefox 3.5 Release candidate is now launched by Mozilla on 19/06/2009).

If a user accidentally close a tab or a window, Firefox 3.5 will restore from History, even the texts they've typed on it.

Users can remove the log in access, but if you just want to delete a site from the History, it will have a more option "Forget this site".

The user can select 1 tab, hold it and drag out to open a new window (feature already in Google Chrome and Safari).

AwesomeBar in Firefox can search in History, bookmarks and tags to display sites that match keywords that users enter on the address bar. To avoid sensitive sites, Firefox 3.5 is added the important keywords filter from the search engine.

If the window are problems caused by a failed tab, users can select which tabs will be opened again.

Private browsing feature is also appearing in many browsers, help activities such as buying gifts, looking for data... more security.

TraceMonkey, the new JavaScript engine of Firefox 3.5 will run 20-40 times faster than SpiderMonkey in comparison with Firefox 3.0.

If a page written in HTML 5 contains video, Firefox 3.5 will considered the video as part of the site rather than the specific Flash. View clip in which Firefox 3.5 is considered as a video site.


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new8i3 said...

Xem clip thì có thể xem được nhưng không hiểu tại sao cứ vô YouTube xem là lại bị đá ra ngoài như hồi firefox 3.0.xx ... ? Còn lại thì tuyệt, có thể mong chờ vào phiên bản chính thức được !