Saturday, June 27, 2009

Microsoft launched the trial version of anti-virus software

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) offers users the system of protection against the risk of virus, Trojan, spyware and rootkit.

MSE software is provided at

Microsoft hopes MSE, for free download from their website and automatically updates from computers, will be built properly in a market with many powerful competitors.

"The initial assessment showed that the beta software of Microsoft security activities less than anti-virus product free of charge current, and far less so with the copyright," a written report by Symantec.

Meanwhile, JR Smith - CEO of AVG - that is for Microsoft to participate in market applications as security will make consumers more confused in the use of solutions to protect your computer.

Interface of MSE.

Currently, 75 thousand of MSE experiment that is named Morro will be issued in four United States, Brazil, China, Israel and the end of this year will be available in other countries.

In the past, Microsoft was ever criticized for not integrating free security software into Windows. Then, this company has provided a security package Windows Live OneCare but failed because too little attract users and then had to stop development.

Microsoft will produce their own anti-virus software for free.


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