Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nokia N97 Testing

The new phone launch by more than 2 weeks were washed with Nokia soap, get prod up the screen and feel, drop into bowl of cereal... milk only to see the "bear" of the product.

Screen is still nothing after chafe. Users often miss phones with keys, coins and miscellaneous, N97 also in your mess pocket to see the check.

Again, the Finland phone manufacturers demonstrated tenacity when accused of the back shell. Sometimes people careless dropped mobile phones in food, but if you are using N97, they will feel more comfortable.

Use soap when washing your phone and then lose water through screens spotless number. After 20 minutes, the device can not boot completely, but 1 hour later was back to work though some keys are having problems. Finally, the N97 was released that fall on grass, soil and concrete.

N97 will be sold in Viet Nam at 13,000,000 VND.


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