Saturday, June 20, 2009

Intel replace Core 2 Duo by i3, i5 and i7

The new chip product-line of Intel will have a simply brand: Core i3 (basic), Core i5 (moderated) and Core i7 (advanced).

More detail, chip for desktop named Lynnfield will include two versions of Core i5 and Core i7, chip Clarksfield used in laptops will belong to the advanced Core i7. Arrandale (mobile 32 nm) first appears with the brand Core i3 and step by step expanded to Core i5 and Core i7 while Clarkdale (desktop 32 nm) will be present with Core i3 and Core i5.

"Even in the last half of this year, Core i5 and some new versions of Core i7 will be sold on the market. At the beginning of 2010 will have more Core i3 be producted" Deborah Conrad, vice president of Intel, wrote on Intel website.

ẫn có mặt trên thị trường máy tính trong năm tới nhưng về sau sẽ chỉ được đưa vào các thiết bị Wi-Fi và WiMAX.

Along with the appearance of new products, old brands such as Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad will disappear. Centrino will be available in the computer market in the coming years, but later will just used in Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

"We will still maintain the Celeron for the cheap computers, Pentium in basical systems, and Atom for netbooks. In other words, the Celeron is a good choice for customers, Pentium is better and Intel Core is best" Conrad confirmed.

Some development steps of Intel chip:

In 2003: The first laptops use Centrino were introduced a completely new concept on computers platform integrated with high performance, wireless connection and long battery time-use.

In 2004: The mobile processor Pentium M is the core of systems use Intel Centrino technology with processing speeds up to 2.13 GHz and integrates the ability to pre-connected Wi-Fi.

In 2005: Intel introduces the next generation of Centrino processor, enhance the performance and security for enterprise users, and also graphics technology, sound and image quality.

In 2006: Intel Core 2 Duo was created, the performance of activities faster two times and high saving energy.

In 2007: Proccessor Centrino Pro fix the fast problems, low-cost and enhance security.

In 2008: The new generation of Centrino is more power with the advanced processor 45 nanometer (nm) by the Intel Core 2 Duo.

See what Core i7 replace FSB.


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