Saturday, June 20, 2009

The third unforgetable summer of Apple

New company in the mobile market has two memorable June in 2007 and 2008 when the first iPhone and 3G born. This year, people are eager for the new iPhone 3G S in appear again.

Although any ideas, noone can found another phone without iPhone that has made many people on the world stand outside even it's raining all day and sleep probably the sidewalks throughout the night to become one of the top owners of this product, or just to witness what is taking place and then report on the blog.

Although known there are many users wait for iPhone, the media center and blogger still surprise to see the long row crowded because this iPhone 3G S version wasnot a big step break of iPhone 3G. Moreover, many of the millions who own the iPhone has to think: "I just bought a iPhone 3G in one year, not of what I have to change the new one."

However, Apple - famous for its creativity in developing products and smart in marketing - has been formed an "addicts" device: once has it, people will want more than that and to spend money to meet "passion".

But if you review it, is iPhone 3G S worth for people queue like this? The answer is yes, because the phone is praised throughout the past 12 months is iPhone 3G, now has the ability to add video, the network speed of 7.2 Mb/sec (though not in the actual), the fast processor, the amount of the battery time longer, voice control and memory up to 32 GB.

Expected to have about 500,000 iPhone 3G S are consumed in 2 days in this weekend. This figures is only half compared with what iPhone 3G has done last year (about 1,000,000,000) but at the time, the Apple's phone has not competed with Palm Pre, Nokia N97, BlackBerry Storm, HTC G1 and series of smartphone.

Estimate about 250 people queue in front of Apple store in New York (USA). It is not too long and encouraged like last year, because Apple and AT&T allow to book iPhone 3G S through the internet with the criteria of "booking first and get it first".


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