Saturday, June 20, 2009

Intel Core i7 Chip remove the traditional FSB

Three first versions of new architecture Nehalem marked the big change when Intel integrated the memory controller - which the competitor AMD has implemented for a long time and be consider as high evaluation by professors.

Memory controller - responsible for contacting to chip DDR - currently located on the CPU (processor die), thus deleting FSB and offers higher performance but still maintain the same level of energy consumption equal to the previous one (130 watt).

Three Core i7 chips work on PC reach 2.66 GHz, 2.93 GHz and 3.2 GHz cost $284, $562 and $999. They will be sold at the end of November, at the time for the largest shopping and have the L1 cache 64K, L2 cache 256K per one and L3 cache 8 MB for all 4 cores.

To use the Core i7, PC should be equipped with expensive mainboards such as Intel DX58SO.

Because Core i7 is built on completely new architecture, PC will also need to use a new motherboard and upgrade to DDR3.

Nehalem is built on 45 nanometer technology, which allows Intel produce chip from 2 to 8 cores. After Core i7, Intel will continue to launch the processor for workstation and systems server one socket.

View Intel introduced their new chip named Core i7.


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