Saturday, June 20, 2009

Intel's new chip named Core i7

The advanced processor for desktops is the first chip of Intel is built on new architecture that is equipped with four cores on a silicon plate.

This method is what AMD has done for a long time with Phenom and Opteron - that is high evaluated by the professors because chips of Intel is simply a "put two cores into one package product as the way a person has two legs inserted in a trouser leg".

Known as the named Nehalem, Core i7 will be present in IV of 2008, promising an increase speed of communication between the chip as well as the ability to handle efficiently multi-tasking. The i7 Extreme Edition will have a separate black logo.

"Core will be the brand name which is throughout all processors of our computers" Sean Maloney, Deputy CEO of Intel, asserted.

Versions for servers and laptops will be launched after Core i7 desktop has been on the market.


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