Friday, June 19, 2009

Disassemble iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G S of Apple has been sold in Orange Boutique (Paris, France) and RapidRepair is one of the first companies to purchase this phone. They immediately separated iPhone 3G S to discover the components inside.

iPhone 3G S on CEO Aaron Vronko's hands. The back of iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G is quite similar. Similarly with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S is equipped with accessories including headphones, USB charger, USB cable, manuals, equipment get SIM. The phone is "exploitation stamp" is the 16 GB black. Remove the two bolt to split the screen. iPhone 3G S uses processor Samsung 600 MHz, chip PowerVR SGX graphics, NAND Flash Memory Toshiba. As a result, the system boot just 26 seconds while the iPhone 3G is 50 seconds. All parts of the iPhone 3G S. See more detail at

People wait for iPhone 3G S in rain and wind. Did you know? :)


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