Friday, June 19, 2009

Delay announcing Literature results for the low grade

Number of subjects are completed, however the Department of GD & ĐT Kien Giang province had to postpone publication for candidates for professional examinations Van points too low, reaching only about 20% points on average compared with 75% in 2008.

Director of Education in Kien Giang Province, Mr. Lu Van Nhut said, when the test results, and was quite surprised about the subject Literature grade and he quickly send requests to the Ministry of direction would have on the public good test points for students in the province or not.

"The published results may be delayed in some three days. We did not know what is waiting for comments by the Minister for solutions. If announced that before the re-edit the student will have a psychological bearing wild, "he Nhut concerns.

Nhut explained, Van professional results too low do not fault the quality of teachers or students that are less than other provinces have not yet unified with each other in the points and apply rigid by a court. "The issue here is the point. Also test that these people points for 1 person for 3 points, according to this person to do this for the other is to do there. Văn Môn also must have the flexibility in the colon, "comments Mr. Nhut.

According to GD & ĐT Kien Giang province, in general the results of other tests are higher than last year. Born in the subjects reached 89% points on average, 69% Physics, Mathematics subjects almost 50%. Foreign language courses are very low capital from the previous year, this year was over 30%.

Although not announced delayed test points but some provincial areas in the Mekong Delta Van points test subjects also quite low. In Dong Thap, the GD & ĐT province has also announced temporary results, the number of candidates have averaged upwards of subjects still reached 22%. Education Department in An Giang said the number of candidates Literature subjects contest is average 40%.

According to some experts, the educational status points by a professional Van provinces too low may be due to a large project by the Ministry is not a unification between the neighboring provinces in the colon, so the big difference in points number.


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