Friday, June 19, 2009

2 years baby dead due to the network of lifts

Go to the elevator transporting food at school, click the button controls and suddenly half the people fall down a rift January the background, a child 24 months old baby, pre-school students to private fair, Da Lat, has death.

According to emergency personnel, this is only February transporting goods, the background should have a June hở not confidential. "Perhaps when elevators transport, boy was dropped this space, so the tunnels down to the bottom, the body under succumb," a staff judgments.

Door stainless steel barrel is cut to liberate you baby. Photo: National Dũng.

115 emergency team takes over half an hour of cutting steel doors January brought new baby out of position. However due to the serious injuries to children not past.

Initial conclusion of the function of death by accident is rare. Tomorrow, private pre-school fair is still allowed to organize the lecture, however, leadership and education requirements Dalat school stop using so that agencies check the safety technology.


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