Friday, June 19, 2009

Suspended 2 years as the baby died because the elevator

Bao Ngo Thi Ngoc form of pre-schools private fair, yesterday was TAND Dalat city tuyên 15 months imprisonment suspended for causing the death of Nguyen Anh Dat grandchildren.

According to it, on 4/9/2008, at lunch time of the child but Dat Baby (2 years) crying lightly, not to have red available. Distasteful, to form Ngo Thi Ngoc Dung bế you put lifts specialized transport food and goods of the school, to doa baby.

Unfortunately at the same time, including form Dinh Thi Hang on the floor to press it and the kitchen appliances, making them Dat be pounding the abdomen and hip, to a close in June hours. Since this is stile is designed to transport its own goods should have a crack under the door jam baby.

Court, not invite lawyers to defend, how samples nghẹn ngào cry: "I am very remorseful, this is the rate at work should accidentally occur problems but I did not mean an invasion of the baby," withdraw and experience in the practice later.

The following death of baby Dat, Dung samples of pre-schools and private fair has emergency sorry you family friends and compensation amount 80 million, the court of first instance TAND 's Da Lat city has tuyên project level 15 months, the suspension, for samples of Use.

After the accident occurred, the form of content has been a temporary suspension of work.

More detail on the baby death at here.


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