Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apple made a surprise when sold 1,000,000 iPhone 3G S

After 3 days, the smart phone world by three U.S. carrier technology has quickly achieved sales that the iPhone 3G is the time equivalent, twice the prediction of the analysis.

Experts analyze that 500,000 machines 3G S consumption is also a great success because this version does not have improved beyond levels to encourage users to upgrade the old version, although it has met the wish of use of speed, duration of the battery and memory.

1 million children are causing unexpected because S new 3G sold in 8 countries, the bulk 3G iPhone is released in 21 countries. People queue to buy computer and also not cuồng long as the previous year.

Moreover, the investment remains concerned for the health status of Steve Jobs - the spiritual leaders and a key to the success of Apple - when he will leave from 1 year to heal. Magazine Wall Street Journal (U.S.) 21 / 6 says Jobs liver transplant was 2 months ago.

"The first time we hear about Jobs after he left Apple. This is the signs that the CEO was again", expert analysis Yair Reiner of Oppenheimer & Co., commented. Apple representatives have not confirmed this information.


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