Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Skype users may be eavesdropping

Of the IP phone directly through Skype would be eavesdropping and recording if the user's computer infected with a new type of malware is called Trojan.Peskyspy.

Skype users should be cautious before the appearance of Trojan.Peskyspy.

The network security specialist Symantec past has voiced a warning about the appearance of Trojan.Peskyspy. This is a form of "deep" Trojan usually sent to the user as links in the e-mail. Once penetration is on the computer, will Trojan.Peskyspy recording all conversations on Skype, but victims unknown.

Do not use the method of attack on the security holes, Trojan.Peskyspy will seek to insert the horizontal process sounds from the microphone to the Skype software to collect all the data sound, then copy it to your hard drive the computer as MP3 format. In addition to running Skype, this malware can "operate" on the software conversation directly over IP and run on many different versions of Windows.

Trojan.Peskyspy open a Miss (back door) in the infected computer. Whereby a hacker can penetrate into the computer to download the MP3 file on or make other bad behavior. Trojan has the ability to face the firewall and move the data without doubt goes to the user.

Trojan.Peskyspy is low risk of infection by this Trojan.Peskyspy spreads can not be done by cloning themselves. However, have been especially concerned by the malicious malware has been released on the Internet so potentially dangerous and spread of the Trojan will increase in future.


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