Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open-source operating system for the camera

When this platform appears next year, users can download the software for digital cameras as they download the application on your computer or mobile phone.

Scientists at Stanford University (UK) are cherished ambition to change the world of photography by developing open platform allows professional programming software updates and additional features for full camera. If successful, the camera will not be limited to the number of software manufacturers built on again.

Professor Marc Levoy (left) and students Andrew Adams camera open source form.

Professor of computer science at Stanford University Marc Levoy for initially, the purpose of the project is to develop low-cost platform for researchers photographic technology.

Most features of Frankencamera - camera models in the laboratory - such as focus, exposure, shutter speed, flash can be adjusted by software. Some features may be activated as HDR photography, interactive web... even increase resolution video.


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