Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Follow H1N1 changes by iPhone

Download the "Outbreaks Near Me" from the Apple Store on the iPhone, the owner of the smartphone will monitor the progress of the pandemic H1N1 took over the world.

Applications "Outbreaks Near Me" was researched and developed by researchers at Children's Hospital Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute (MIT), USA. Application is funded by Google.org, a charitable organization of Google.

iPhone H1N1
The evolutions of H1N1 flu can progress on the world map, has been reported on the newsletter attached. (Source: Le Blog iPhone)

"Outbreaks Near Me" is a free download from its Google App Store, allows users to follow progress made in the world of many different diseases including H1N1. This is done based on data about the disease, is provided by HealthMap.org, a site specializing in all kinds of disease establishment in 2006.

Map H1N1
"Outbreaks Near Me" give notice of the first deaths due to influenza H1N1 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. (source: HealthMap.org)

"The people have the information and know best about infectious diseases quickly will be very useful for public health", said John Brownstein, co-founder of the Research and HealthMap.org Research at Children's Hospital Boston to share.

IPhone users install "Outbreaks Near Me" can be alerted when infections approaching his residence. They can also send information, photos, records of disease for HealthMap.org to update on website. Participation information will help users process supervised disease more accurately and quickly, through which will help health authorities quickly put out a reasonable solution.


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