Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Supercomputer in 2011 will be stronger 10 times than now

Fujitsu revealed they are building 10 Supercomputer performance petaflop (10 million billion calculations per second) for the Institute for Physical - chemical and Japan will complete within two years.

According to Professor Takumi Maruyama, person in charge of developing parts of the Fujitsu processor, the new system will use the chip sparc64 VIIIfx its upcoming release, with eight processing cores (each 2 GHz core speed, the 5 MB L2 caching, 58 watt power consumption) than the version 4 core sparc64 VII launched two years ago.

Meanwhile, the company forums on current supercomputers are IBM also announced it would build a system level peta-based processors Power7 new generation of them. The machine will serve the activities of the Center for Applied supercomputer National American University is located in Illinois and named Blue Water, is expected to launch in 2011.

Powerful supercomputers in the world today is IBM's Roadrunner system located at the National Research Center under the Ministry of Energy of the United States, with more than 1.1 petaflop performance.


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