Sunday, August 9, 2009

Any future settlement and to 480 million Skype users

eBay, Skype , that VoIP is the most popular world may lose the right to use source software does this by trouble legally.
> The world in conversations free with Skype.

Skype users can be assured that no signs which show that this service will disappear in the market. But the battle between eBay and Joltid, the company created the technology for Skype, and not easily terminated.

In 2005, eBay put out to USD 2.6 billion Skype acquisition. This VoIP service revenues reached USD 170 million in quarter II/2009, up 25% but the top price online still intend to sell in to Skype.

All stories become problems when Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and is Janus Friis, the operating company Joltid, eBay allegation was "edit source of Joltid" in terms of the agreement between two parties if the eBay "not owned or change source software".

Skype for the Joltid in England, said Joltid not have the right to terminate the use of technology. Joltid immediately assigned that Skype is his broken agreement.

"While confident in the ability to win events, Skype will still face disadvantage if unable to resolve through negotiations", eBay's for. Manufacturers are trying to develop software peer (P2P) to replace existing sources of Skype before the trial took place on 06/2010.

"If software is not successful, Skype may lose some functionality and one customer. And even with the success the price is very expensive", eBay concerned.

Some sources also confirmed the statement eBay will sell Skype, Zennstrom and Friis have proposed to buy back this service.

In the case of legal disputes makes Skype can not exist, Internet users will be affected, but will also enable Google to expand Voice To create space and dominate the world talk online.


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