Sunday, August 9, 2009

All the world talk for free with Skype

"I now Skype", saying that such is becoming familiar, to see the company name for VoIP services most famous today is from, and widespread in the community who use Internet.

Skype is headquartered in Luxembourg and offices in London and Tallinn (capital of Estonia). Recently, employers online auction eBay has bought Skype for the price that many people are too expensive: USD 2.6 billion, plus 1.5 billion bonus if achieved goals they set in 2008.

Skype software allows people to network and make free calls with the sound quality does not disadvantage the traditional phone. Program was developed by the construction technology exchange peer Kazaa file (Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis), data transfer between 2 computers end instead of going through the server. However, Zennstrom said: "Skype completely different Kazaa because it allows us more direct contact to the phone. This software has cut many crop revenue of large telecommunications carrier, the audience still are exploiting technology backward".

After two years of birth, Skype has about 46 million subscribers use worldwide, more than any service provider VoIP parties. Hãng free calls between any two computers (PC-to-PC) but the service charges to call the phone fixed and mobile normal (SkypeOut).

Unlike the long-distance calls from the international traditional phone is charged by the distance between the two countries, SkypeOut calculated based on the development of a relatively water, the volume of calls come and go, plus a additional costs. In this way, SkypeOut users will pay the same amount of money for calls to Hanoi, even though they are using computers at the capital city of Vietnam or the U.S.. Price to call the countries "world first" is 0.02 USD / minute and paid via credit card, check or online services like PayPal and Moneybrookers. Deposit is 12 USD or 24 and will automatically expire after 180 days do not use.

Meanwhile, with SkypeIn, users can sign up for a subscription fixed phone. If their friend does not use Skype and dial the number, they still receive calls on Skype in anywhere. Thus, when you register at Chicago, but travel in Paris, a relative in Chicago are still calling to you and pay only discourse seeds. Beta launch 3 months customer support registration number to 10 by England, America, France, Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia with 35 USD in 12 months or 12 USD for 3 months . Announced the same day 10 / 3 is SkypeVoicemail, allowing messages to the voice if Skype users are online or not in another call.

In addition, Festoon is a feature of Skype, work on computers using operating systems with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. With Festoon, customers can make video calls in groups from 2 to 200 and share applications, spreadsheets, photos... together.

Skype is a free download directly from the site of the company, works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows CE (Pocket PC), Mac OS X and GNU / Linux.

In Vietnam, not many Skype users do not support Chinese and also exploit the features PC-to-PC.

According to Gartner research hãng, 2009 will be approximately 1 / 3 American and European up telephone line and traditional phone switch to broadband wireless as a cheap alternative. Also in this year, 70% of conversations around the world will be done through a wireless connection. Skype will remain the service widely popular although Gartner predict there will be more fixed phone integrated VoIP appear.

VoIP also is seeking to penetrate road system instant messaging (IM). First upgrade in Yahoo! Messenger to version 7.0, a service the largest online world primarily focused on features Internet phone, optimize sound quality connection through broadband and dial. "After e-mail and IM, VoIP opens the third chapter for popular applications on the World Wide Web", Frazier Miller, Director of Yahoo Messenger, affirmed.

Similarly, the strategy items when introduced Google Talk led to a search is also the current conversation voice, ask the company to the first contact with Skype.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates last week declared: "Time's VoIP has boomed, so we want all applications by corporations on the computer can connect beyond the traditional scope.

The smooth and probably little known, VASC VoiceVNN by not charging conversation between two computers over a year. Recently, Telecom Center The new VN (VNGT) and the village Voice 777 service call free PC-to-PC. Other phone cards with international FoneVNN, SnetFone, Net2Call, just two computers connected high-speed Internet and use Voice 777 account, people can talk "across the oceans" without concerns about cost all. Moreover, not as Skype customers are also VNGT use of devices such as integrated modems by Zoom or IP Phone to make calls easily with the phone as normal without the PC.

Lược sử Skype:
23/4/03: Tên miền và được đăng ký.
29/8/03: Bản Beta đầu tiên ra mắt.
15/6/04: Ra mắt bản thử nghiệm đầu tiên hỗ trợ SkypeOut.
27/7/04: Phiên bản 1.0 cho Windows.
20/10/04: Lần đầu tiên đạt 1 triệu người sử dụng cùng lúc.
10/3/05: SkypeIn Beta ra mắt.
11/3/05: 1 triệu người dùng SkypeOut và tổng số 29 triệu người đăng ký.
15/4/05: Đạt lượt tải thứ 100 triệu.
19/6/05: Ghi nhận 10 tỷ phút cuộc gọi.
9/05: SkypeOut bị cấm tại Trung Quốc.
18/10/05: eBay mua Skype với giá 2,6 tỷ USD.


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