Saturday, August 22, 2009

9 Sony Vaio models using Nvidia chip error

After more than a year, Japanese electronics firms recognize a new version of their laptop was equipped with defective graphics chip, which can make the machine too hot or not work.

Since July 2008, Nvidia recommends phenomenon chip error by defects during manufacturing and packaging. Meanwhile, Sony announced this problem does not affect the Vaio line. However, the company said recent models include VGN-AR1xx, VGN-AR2xx, VGN-AR3xx, VGN-FZ1xx, VGN-FZ2xx, VGN-FZ3xx, VGN-FZ4xx, VGC and VGC-LT1xx-LT2xx may be malfunction.

Sony will repair for free and increase the warranty period to three years (usually 12 months) for PC errors (such as video play on my laptop distorted image, duplicate the blank screen, or ...).

Previously, Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard also announced a list of computer errors and use Nvidia chip implementation program change or replace free of charge. However, to date on websites such as HP Lies still appear many users complained that they pay when machines.

Nvidia also spent more than $300 million for warranty and replacement products.

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