Friday, July 3, 2009

View YouTube Clips on Pop-up

Users now can enjoy videos on a seperate window call pop-up.

This interesting function is added to YouTube on 18/06/2009.

When viewing a clip, you can click on the icon's arrow (the top right of clip) to allow a pop-up open and play the clip in pop-up. Then a pop-up will be open.

In this window, video also plays as normal on the main page. But with one difference is that you can change as the size of the slideshow by clicking on the corner of pop-up window and pulled out or scaled back. Now you can view YouTube video of the size as in this pop-up.

You need to turn off pop-up courses in a web browser is used.

If you make a similar for the other, the video clip will overwrite movies online for only 1 pop-up is open.


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