Saturday, July 25, 2009

Samsung introduces new DVD Recorder external SE-S084C

Weight only 420 g, pieces designed to use power over USB, the disk drive write-SE S084C is highly mobile, cleanliness, freedom from the fiber cable connector or the switch, convenient for mobile transfer the employer.

While the market consumers are familiar with the disk drive to write, voluminous external computer, Samsung has produced pioneering recording disk drive external Lean, flexible, fashion, easily combined with all styles and designs computer. This product will be Samsung introduced in 08/2009.

Outstanding design through history show, balloon surface, especially with 7 fashion colors (black history gallery, fine white, silver trendy, stylish ocean blue, red, you right, blue light and color young pink), SE-S084C can fit any of the mini notebook netbook or any fashion.

In addition, the same trend with "green IT", SE-S084C recognized product is environment-friendly welding technology not lead, do not contain harmful dangerous as mercury, lead, cadmium, Chrome , of the PBB, PBDE.

The other highlights:

- Do not use caching when running should allow users to perform multiple tasks, multiple jobs on different computers can simultaneously record to disk speed even on the computer speed low.

- Technology to control power optimized dual (OPC) to ensure recording stability, enabling quality control disk, change the level laser energy in both the fringe and outside of the disk.

- Technology to adjust the balance inclined (Tilt ACT) brought the record to disk reliability, with the help of the disk. Thus help stabilize the quality on the entire surface of the disk.

- Update software base automatically. When your computer is to install software Firmwave Live Update, the drive can be compatible with the new media file.

Photos: vnexpress.


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