Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reducing plasma TV prices in future

Along with the number of manufacturers increasing bills, the average price of a 50 inch plasma TV has a few hundred cheaper than USD LCD products equivalent size.

Last year, according to DisplaySearch research employers, consumers Regions North America about 10 million purchase of 40 types of LCD, 50 inch, while only 3.8 million plasma products size is equivalent to consumption.

This year, the Pioneer and the Vizio manufacturers have stopped producing plasma TV market and only 3 remaining named LG, Samsung and Panasonic with the business reality of this rather murky.

Plasma vs LCD

Last month, Panasonic has added 200 USD lower in the listed price of 46 inch plasma model. Currently, consumers can choose between buying two 50 inch Samsung and PN50B450 Panasonic TC-P50C1 cost about 900 USD, an amount of money is quite comfortable to have a need to use screen HDTV large family.

Not long ago, no technology can match the image quality of plasma. But only 2 years, LCD have time. "LCD has the extraordinary step in improving image quality", analysts Riddhi Patel of iSuppli comment. "And it has 2 to the technology with a lot more."

Meanwhile, expert Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials employers believe that the plasma screen with high image quality superior, but that advantage will not exist when you look at the issue price. According to Kane, plasma TV cost 5000 USD remarkable compared with the same LCD price, but the type of plasma than the low quality not very high.

LCD has the following advantages including the ability to display image brighter, so that impressed better than the plasma to the gallery.

In addition, plasma screens still have to cope with the fact that many consumers worried about the "burning image" (burn in), although this issue is now is very rare. "The idea that the fires are a weak of plasma technology still exists to this day", experts Gagnon led DisplaySearch comment. Imaging Science stocking is recommended that the game tends to a static image on the screen several hours in line should not use plasma.

Hiện tượng cháy hình xảy ra khi một số vùng chứa phốt-pho trên màn hình plasma bị kích thích liên tục với cường độ đều đặn mà không có thời gian “nghỉ ngơi” và lớp phốt pho này bị “ám” lại hình ảnh đã thể hiện trước đó. Khi chuyển qua một hình ảnh khác, bóng mờ của các hình ảnh đã thể hiện lúc trước vẫn hiện ra.

Another issue of plasma or to be asked is this screen consumed more power than LCD. This is true but depending on the content displayed Ma Su differences in consumption of electricity may not be too large.

If current trends in the competition between LCD and plasma continue, the plasma technology may not be a long-term future. Analysts iSuppli's Patel will receive a short-term success for plasma if the manufacturers continue to keep the price of this product is lower than LCD. "The focus of the plasma will focus on products 50 inch and larger, while the same size LCD is more expensive", Patel said. "Therefore, plasma will still have advantages in the market segment the market in several years time".


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