Saturday, July 25, 2009

F-Mobile B550 - Cheap, Functionals

Version of F-B550 Mobile has launched promising to continue causing fever in the market when the FPT distribution included the "Trial 3 days - not like back".

F-Mobile B550 is designed for fashion, with the sharp screen than the phone line with the market segment the market. Machines are integrated and 2 sim online super small flashlight extremely convenient anytime anywhere.

Not only by appealing design small trendy, F B550-Mobile is the mobile is easy to use and feature-rich entertainment such as: Play MP3 music, video clarity, listen FM directly without a headset, photographs with high resolution...

On the occasion of launch F-B550 Mobile, Retail Company FPT (FRT) will launch the "3-day Trial - No application returns" 100 for the first customers, where customers can access here ( to register trial F B550-Mobile. After 3 days trial, if the client purchases will be reduced 10%, if not matched the customer can return.

2 trendy color is black coffee and black metal, F B550-Mobile sold with 950,000 VND (incl 10% VAT) at the website e-commerce by FPT and FPT Shop system nationwide.

Information on the program website at:

View product F-Mobile B550 details here.


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