Friday, July 3, 2009

Contrast is too beautiful color infrared image

One of the effects of opiate or photographer is to use infrared waves (infrared) to record images of people that can not be observed with eyes often.

Infrared means "below red" (red is the color with the wave length of light in often) that people do not see. All items with temperatures greater than 0 degrees Kelvin (0 degrees C = 273.15 degrees K) are of the infrared rays.

Most cameras now use the number of sensor image can receive infrared. However, it is equipped with a filter to block infrared, simply because the camera is designed to capture light in the (can observe).

Therefore, users need a camera sensitive enough level to infrared light, a glass filter to prevent all types of lighting such as Wratten 89B and an image editing software. Then, they can record images in an attractive way unnatural, such as green color was transferred to white light, rays of sunshine are more vibrant skin become smooth, even and have a fuzzy the ghost.


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