Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apple may launch the iPod Touch screen 9 inches

Users are happy with the report related to Apple products and recently, a source confirmed the information will soon launch the device table form (tablet) with $800.

The analysis that the "fruits apples" are developing a product called Apple Tablet is complete with real. This week, InfoTimes page of Taiwan continue to supplement information on new equipment, including screens for the 9.7 inch (InfoTimes may want to screen the 7 or 9 inch), lower price P Vaio and a little will be announced in 10 months.

Some believe predicted here is a version of the iPod Touch large. In addition, Apple is set to be a lot of camera modules that can not only for iPhone, making people believe Apple are bringing the ability to photograph the iPod player (except the shuffle).

But Apple, as usual, remains silent before the report.


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