Friday, July 10, 2009

1001 ways of relaxation of Internet officers

If you feel stress at work, employees use computers at office can make some below tips to entertain first.

1. Play a favorite song: According to many scientific, music effectively reduces stress and sedative the nerves. Select a song associate with your mood, wearing a headphone for not making noise to other people and relax a little.

2. Play game: If you sleepy and lose concentration, you should play some games in 15 minutes to get out of this negative feelings and get back the good one. There are many websites meet this conditions, such with games like "Who is your boss?", in which participants must pass a series of challenges with the speed increasing, even dropped the boss's pants.

Quick game to relax.

3. Chat with colleagues a bit instead of e-mail or calling. Sometimes the gossip also helps you to resolve problems.

4. Call friends to ask about the football results last night, or ask a general preference to reduce some not pleasure things in office.

5. Read stories or funny clips on the web. The humor is always necessary for life to push back the sad mood. Also remembers those stories to tell your friends again.

6. Its: If the above tips do not support you a lot, you are serious. Left jobs completely for a few days. Rest on right time is also a good behavior of a wise worker. A deep sleep, a tour will help you retrieve the energy soon to take back with success.


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