Monday, June 22, 2009

Virtual and automatical technology tend to be more attended

Although still be a new concept in Vietnam, virtual technology is gradually convinced the data center managers through the ability to reduce cost of ownership and increased flexibility of the system.

According to Gartner's research, virtual allows all transactions related to business are processed in real time and is an ideal model of e-commerce. This solution helps businesses effectively manage IT equipment, simplify procedures and shorten implementation time.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Quynh, Director of the APC by Schneider Electric in Vietnam, said: "Nowaday, beside compliance with the standards and standardized database, virtual and automaticalization are the decisions to build a database, reduced the operation costs as well as creating platforms capable of processing applications, fast and sensitive to change. You can say, this is the trend in management and applications in business's database of Vietnam."

APC also introduced structure InfraStruXure Central and automatical solutions in database, support managers to monitor and control the operation from any sizes of database, optimize resources, cooling rack space and floor space.

Virtual technologies are designed to create a level between hardware and software running on it, a system can be separated into several various "virtual" computers, as well as running multiple systems at the same time. Virtual are highly evaluated by enterprises and almost all hardware and software manufacturers, such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, VMWare have also invested big money for this technology. Virtual will also change the competition on the market because whatever operating system is dominant is not important anymore.


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