Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Study Enlish online with iTV

On January 7, on demand television services only in Vietnam will launch the program with the utility and content for kids entertainment and learning foreign languages in the summer.

Technology-based on IP Television advantage with the ability to interact with online viewing and operating the center, this program supports access to children and learning by completely new interface with easy to use.

The first is "English for the Ministry", to help get familiar with English through animated films and video singing happy, rich educational. After review, the baby will use a remote control to answer questions form tests on TV. The system will direct scoring and showing up immediately.

Learning foreign languages is the first service 11 is provided on the iTV system, in addition to the TV service (67 channels in and outside the country), Movies on demand stories, Television Reviews, Children, Theater, Music Ca , Events, Reading on the TV, video sharing, need to address.

To use the iTV, customers need a TV, ADSL access by FPT Telecom and resolution of code iTV. From 15/06 to 31/12, customers registrate whole service package with 80,000VND/month (VAT) will be used for both 11 iTV services on television.


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