Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dell earned $3,000,000,000 through twitter

Many people believe that sub-blog services is simply fair play, even fiddling, waster time and jerky. But the computer manufacturers ranked second in the U.S. do not think so.

Dell had earnings of more than 2 million through direct sales through account @ DellOutlet and 1 million other people after reading the information on twitter and access to the website of the company to buy products.

Will join twitter from 06/2007, post the short notice (tweet) and answer questions by customers at @DellOutlet, attracted more than 600,000 people (followers).

3 million USD not amount to a major manufacturer like Dell, but for the message only 140 characters on the social network can also become a marketing tool for effective business companies, newspapers and electronic website (carrier CNN USA has acquired @ cnnbrk account, there are more than 1 million follower).


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