Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3G S - Take photos with a 3-megapixel camera

With a 3-megapixel autofocus camera and a photo application that makes it easy to share, iPhone 3G S is the most photo-friendly phone ever.

Tap to take a picture.

iPhone snaps shots with a tap then saves them in the Camera Roll, where they’re easy to enjoy. Rotate iPhone to see a photo in landscape. Zoom in or out with a pinch or a double-tap. Turn any photo into your iPhone wallpaper. iPhone even geotags your photos with information about where they were taken.

How to use a photo as your wallpaper?

You see a wallpaper background picture as you unlock iPhone or when you’re on a call with someone you don’t have a high-resolution photo for. Set a photo as wallpaper:

Choose any photo and tap, then tap Use As Wallpaper.

Drag the photo to pan, or pinch the photo to zoom in or out, until it looks the way you want.

Tap Set Wallpaper.

You can also choose from several wallpaper pictures included with iPhone by choosing Settings -> Wallpaper -> Wallpaper from the Home screen.

Share your photos.

Select photos you want to email and iPhone opens a new message for you. Send photos via MMS, too.* Or post everything directly to your MobileMe Gallery where friends and family can browse and download them.

How to send photos via email or MMS?
Sending a Photo or Video in an Email or MMS Message. Send a photo or video:

Choose a photo or video and tap , then tap Email Photo/Video or MMS. (If you don’t see , tap the screen to show the controls.)

The limit to the file size of attachments is determined by your carrier. If necessary, iPhone may compress the photo or video. See Camera page to learn about taking photos and videos.

Tap to focus.

Autofocus keeps things sharp, and a macro lens takes great close-ups. But you can also tap the iPhone display to selectively focus on anything in the picture — a face in the background, for example.

Sync your photos.

iPhone uses iTunes to sync the photos you have in iPhoto on a Mac or in Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop Album on a PC. All the photos on your computer sync to your iPhone, so you can look at them — and share them — anywhere you go.

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