Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girls are not allowed to wear skirts shorter than knee

Uniforms include summer shirt, long shirt or traditional, European populations, shoes or sandals, if girls use skirts so it must be length over knee.

On 16/06, Ministry of Education published draft regulations on wearing uniforms of students and graduation ceremony for students TCCN, University of Vienna, CD.

According to Ministry of GD & Tel, uniforms are used for all students of a school. Uniforms include color quần contract, co-shirt color (shirt, coats, long shirt), the line, shoes or slippers.

But the ceremony is used for students of a school (or industry) to wear in the ceremony with graduates of the University education, TCCN create the page, The Advanced responsibility, the proud of the school, honored career, to show beauty culture of ethnic groups. Ceremony to include clothing, caps and banners (logos) of the school if any. Schoolgirl uniforms with short skirts.

Besides the standard summer uniform includes shirt long shirt or traditional, European populations, shoes or sandals, if girls use so length skirts over the knee. If Ao Dai uniforms as they perform only for female students from secondary level onwards. Students, ethnic minority students are encouraged to use the uniforms of ethnic holidays, New Year,...

The clothing must be based on the principles ensure the aesthetic, in accordance with gender, age of students and cultures of peoples, of each locality, and ensure stability , indicates the traditional schools, in accordance with weather conditions, facilitate learning... guaranteed savings, in accordance with the economic, social each locality, each school.

Leaders of schools depending on the climate, the weather, domain, based on the conditions of the decision to wear uniforms, rules designs, colors, days of uniformed students after the consistent with the Council, representatives of parents of students. When you need to change the style, color uniforms must be agreed by the Council and representatives of parents of students. In many schools, uniforms of the girls is a long shirt.

Expenditures for May, purchase, lease, borrow uniforms and ceremonies from the financial details of regular school, the contributions of students or other sources of income other. In the case of organizations, individuals or foreign funded the cost of uniforms, a ceremony is not to abuse the sponsor to advertise.

Other articles:
> Prohibit students dyeing hair, or use the high-heeled shoes.
> Punishment for students use hair glue.


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