Monday, June 29, 2009

English translation feature of Facebook is abusing

Last week, the last letter on Vietnamese version of Facebook homepahe is continuously changing due to the lack of awareness people abuse the translate system of this social network.

On 27/06 am, when direct access to (domain was purchased in 2006 by Facebook) or from the "Vietnamese" catagary via page, users will see the words "Watching sex movies at..." on the "Register" page. Then, the message is continually modified with bad words, including the Director of security center network Bkis.

Many members on the forum affirmed that Facebook is not hacked, some people have exploited the opening source of this system. With ambitions to expand the service worldwide, Facebook provides the "Translations" tool, encourage members to translate the site content from English into local languages.

Community participation will vote and the translation received most will be selected to post on (the translation can also be removed by the vote).

Facebook allows communities selected translations will be put on the page.

Some who have exploited this feature and create the procedure to automatically spam vote, distribute information in the vandalism.

Surprise: Ads sex on Facebook???


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