Saturday, June 27, 2009

8 applications integrated social networks

This OpenSocial applications run directly on the web platform, developed for MySpace, Okut, Hi5, Facebook and some other social network.


Centrl is a tool to support users to chat with friends in the social community network. This application can be installed on many networks like MySpace, Orkut, Ning, Hi5... and can determine the location of the user on the map, so you can find the nature of chatters in the same area with you.

Centrl shows the location of the user on the map.


This is a simple application to help you put a box of information of twitter to MySpace page to display and continuously update the changes from your Twitter account. If you want to connect to your Twitter page, simply click on the link in the box.

Music iLike
Music iLike was available for MySpace, Hi5, Orkut and Facebook. After installation, Music iLike enables video or music search, add to your profile and visitors who access your site can also enjoy the songs. However, the application only play a short period of the songs and if you want to hear the full, you must purchase from iTunes, Amazon, or click on the integrated link in the application.

ILike helps search songs.

OpenSocial App Dev

This is a special application can not be ignored for programmers. It can be installed on Ning, Hi5, Orkut or MySpace, is designed specifically for the OpenSocial sites. After installation, you can use this tool to build OpenSocial applications complete with JavaScript. OpenSocial Dev App also supports preview how the applications will run before you export to the XML file.

Building applications with OpenSocial App Dev.


PollDaddy creates online polls or surveys and embedded them into blog. Application is available for users in MySpace, Ning, Hi5, Orkut. You can review its statistics to know the feedback from the surveyers.
PollDaddy homepage:

The Scramble Game

The Scramble Game can be played on Hi5, Ning or Facebook. "How to play" is simply as get the characters are shown in the front and transplant them into an English word. You can play with computer or with friends in the social networks.

Scramble Word Game homepage:

Stunt Pilot

Stunt Pilot is an interesting game for Ning, Orkut and Facebook users. In game, you are a pilot in a phane and fly through the circles, each rounds you reach will entrance ranking and opportunities to be in the top of Stunt Pilot players in society networks.

Screen in Stunt Pilot game.

YouTube Top Favorites

YouTube Top Favorites will add a highlight list of video clips to MySpace. However, this application does not support you to search video, instead just showing a list of most viewed or voted clips.

List of video clips are most viewed by YouTube.

For installing the applications, you use the search function in the social network with the keyword is the name of the program, respectively.

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