Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Known virus problems in Vietnam in 2008

Yahoo Messenger for reel can not log into chat services, websites of various companies were inserting banner, popup Chinese, virus override the standard Microsoft Windows file ...

Network Security Center Hanoi Polytechnic (BKIS) statistics were 33,137 new viruses lines in Vietnam last year, including 36 internal virus. Variations was the 59.4 million infected computers, which most SecretW.Worm (420,000 machines).

Yahoo Messenger desperate units Kavo virus

Millions of users in the country can not communicate with friends and partners with Yahoo Messenger by their computer "stuck" Kavo virus (originating from China). Only tháng 6 / 2008 has a 1.2 million PCs infected Kavo, ie your average 40,000 per day - a record speed spread. This virus also multiply the fastest speed ever with 20 variations per day.

Initially, the goal is dispersed Kavo of hacker attacks to steal online game accounts of players. However, because programmers make mistakes, the virus interferes with the memory of Yahoo Messenger was born errors access memory (memory exception), so users can not log into this chat application.

Override the standard Windows file - new trend virus

Not only appear in large numbers, many new time line virus "lùng contact" in the corner of Lane haven for Windows and attack again the security software is not able to restore the original code. This will also be a major trend in 2009.

Overwritten by the malicious file to the standard Windows, security tool when antivirus deleted the original files are corrupted and that the operating system. BKIS has recorded 92 new line of virus used this way in October 2008. A recent survey showed that 91% of the infected computers had to reinstall the operating system.

Virus authors gateway 'stirring the' business

Network collapsed, insertion site with banner, popup Chinese phenomenon is common in 2008 in many agencies, businesses, including leasing companies server (hosting) and Internet service providers (ISP ).

From a system infected, virus send broadcast (broadcast) packet by the address resolution protocol (ARP) to all other computers in the network to impersonate a Gateway system, making connections to Internet tricked the computer goes through the gateway first and then forged a new gateway to truth. Thus, only one infected computer can also collapse the entire network, but computers do not meet status banner is inserted viral infection.


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