Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bridge symbol of Ho Chi Minh City may be sold

Built nearly 3 years, but only after 3 months use, JSC of Phu My
Bridge BOT plans to resell the bridge for other units. Expected for
Saigon 2 after completion can also be shared fate.

Cause investors to resell the Phu My Bridge is a condition for setting
unreasonable toll bridges between different road causing inconvenience
to people. The station also plans to overturn the charges against the
Phu My Bridge expected.

In fact, the Phu My Bridge is being sandwiched between two toll
stations are: Station on Nguyen Van Linh District 7 to return to the
station online and Hanoi Highway Corporation's investment of technical
infrastructure (CII ) that is causing many of the business side of

Coming, as planned, investors Phu My Bridge station will set a new
charge for their works. Meanwhile cable stayed bridge will be
surrounded by three toll: Nguyen Van Linh, Phu My, CII. This is
traffic from the western provinces the Southeast and northern gate of
the Hanoi Highway without going through Ho Chi Minh City center,
shorten time traffic, avoid traffic jams. Therefore, the risk of
automobile vehicles on this route will be closed to the charge three
times the station road, leading to more drivers will be able to avoid
going through Phu My Bridge. Investor demand will not be completed as
time capital withdrawal plan early.

"To avoid inconvenience to the people must pay for costs in many
different places, the company sold permanently Phu My bridge to the
CII unit includes a focal point charge on Hanoi Highway, Nguyen Thanh
Thai, General Director of Phu My Bridge BOT company said.

Total investment Phu My Bridge over 2,000 billion VND. Phu My Bridge
inaugurated the bridge is considered the symbol of HCMC.

Phu My Bridge has not completed the link by Nguyen Van Linh, but
investors are intending to resell the bridge for other units. Photo:

Phu My Bridge BOT company is still the main investor of the project
for Saigon 2, the expected launch in May 1/2010 BOT. But he said the
Thai, if the situation needs to Saigon two after construction is
completed fall into the same situation as the Phu My Bridge, the
company also sells necessarily demand for CII.

On line highway Hanoi has four projects are implemented, including two
projects of CII is expanding highway construction for Hanoi and Rach
new. It Phu My Bridge BOT company responsible for building two bridges
Saigon and research project from Phu My Bridge ramp to highway Hanoi.
These projects also apply BOT charge return.

According to Mr. Thai, four projects will have a common line on the
highway Hanoi. This line has toll of existing CII should add a station
to be more difficult. "Best we sell the project to permanently CII to
focus collected once for all projects in one place," Mr. Thai said.

Mr. Thai said that the current inadequacies of the building toll
because there is no unity among the joint projects before, leading to
set foot on another hundred miles. Investor Phu My Bridge does not
anticipate this situation. We plan for the company's charge BOT Phu My
Bridge is still awaiting city leaders approved, the implementation
period starting next year. Proposed in 2010, each station of the
automobile through Phu My Bridge, trucks from 10 tons to 18 tons or 20
feet container trucks have to pay VND 40,000. 2011, this level
increased to 68,000 per one-over station.

"The company is still discussing with leaders of Ho Chi Minh City to
find the most appropriate solution because we need to pay interest
charges to build the Phu My Bridge," Mr. Thai said.

According to the original BOT contracts between HCM City and Phu My
Bridge investors will soon complete the requirements, the Phu My
Bridge ramp from the intersection on Route Thai Binh, Hanoi (in the
direction of the belt to the east) will complete into. If commitment
and means to bridge the Hanoi Highway will not have to go through the
toll of Investment Corporation of technical infrastructure (CII). But
by the time this project is still on paper.

We assigned the HCM City Corporation BOT Phu My Bridge research
project investment ramp belt east 3km long. Works will be completed
after two years of construction.

Estimated on 01/ 2010, Saigon Bridge 2 will be starting construction
next to the old bridge down to the level of capital investment up to
143 million. Works will be completed after 2.5 years of construction.
Owner of Corporation BOT Phu My Bridge BOT.


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