Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TV OLED 15 inch will be available in November

Following a 11-inch television using organic light-emitting diode technology first in the market from Sony, South Korean electronics firm LG also makes a larger version with super-bright screen.

LG will demonstrate the device next week at the IFA exhibition and sale on the market within South Korea in November also other countries is 2010. Product price is not announced, but Sony XEL-1, was born two years ago, remain high "fainting threshold is $ 2,500. LG also plans to produce OLED TV 40-inch size "in the near future.

OLED (organic light emitting diode - organic light-emitting diode) composed of thin films made of organic compounds. This film emits light when electricity is provided, ie no need to backlight like other TV technologies today. As a result, OLED displays can only half-thin LCD screen compared to the same size and power consumption is only 60% while creating the image brighter and clearer.

Photos: EnGadget.


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