Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demonstration protested Obama

Hundreds of thousands of Americans marched in Washington, DC yesterday to protest plans to reform health of President Barack Obama. The protesters marched through the U.S. Congress based on 12/9.

For AP, protesters marching from the White House to Parliament House. They carry slogans such as "Enough", "Obama's health care reform makes us sick", "I am not the automated teller machine of him", "We will die from the tax". Many people take pictures cartoons of the president.

The protesters said, they opposed the government money to area health care reform, stimulate the economy, bail out the banks and automobile industries. Many people believe that these expenses "out of control" will increase inflation and damage the economy.

According to BBC, the demonstration took place at his home in the White House to Minneapolis - the largest city in the state of Minnesota - to call people to support his plan. Speaking before the crowd of about 15,000 people, Obama claimed he did not accept any changes in the plan, but willing to absorb ideas from all classes and individuals in society.

"If a place with my suggestions seriously, I will listen. Presidential office door is always open to welcome you", he declared.

However, the U.S. president warned that he would not waste time with those who opposed reform health care just because they do not like him and his systems perspective.

For BBC, about 46 million Americans without health insurance. 25 million people have health insurance but only have access to a health care constraints. Medical costs in the U.S. in about 2200 billion, equivalent to 16% of GDP.

President Obama to expand the audience enjoy health insurance, and reform the entire health care system to reduce costs. If Mr Obama's proposals become law, 97% of America will have health insurance, but the government will spend about 699 billion dollars per year.


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