Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Combined power of Google Docs and MS Office

If the combined set of office applications online and offline first present together, the user will exploit the features of both the Exceptional product. OffiSync will help them do that.

Highlights of Google Docs is allowed to save and edit text anywhere. Microsoft Office was also very familiar and common to many useful features.

Requests to use OffiSync:

- Microsoft Office 2003 or Office 2007.
- Windows XP/Vista/7.
- Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5, can be downloaded here.
- Account to use Google Docs, a free subscription at
- File set OffiSynd. Download here.

Note: Turn off Microsoft Office applications in the installation.

OffiSync after quitting, a small toolbar will appear in the window Microsoft Office (for map 2003), or a new tab (copyright 2007) as shown below:

Office 2007 is relatively common, so will post instructions on this version (particularly Microsoft Word). How to proceed with Office 2003 is completely similar.

To open the saved document is available on Google Docs, users click the Open icon. A dialog box will appear requiring sign with your Google account:

After login, a list of text file will appear in Google Docs and simply double-click the file (or select File and then Open) to open. If you do not need to find intelligent file, click Search (his group icon) on the toolbar and enter Offisync.

Meanwhile, Google Docs document contents will be displayed in Microsoft Word and users can modify the normal text file stored on the computer. After completion, to save the file to Google Docs account, click Save or Save As (floppy disk icon) on the toolbar Offisync. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to choose and save:

In this case are editing with Word users who wish to continue working again on Google Docs, just press the button Open URL (address questions symbol), web browser window will appear to allow continued operation with file.

Offisync remarkable feature is the ability of search and insert an image from Google Images in a Word document. To find photos from Google, type keywords into the Google Search box and click on Images Search.

When images are selected medical applications, click on Insert and a message box will appear origin image, human Accept to insert into the file.

To send files to others, click on the Collaborate on OffiSync and crazy e-mail of the recipient). Select Read Only if the user just want to share content and select Write to allow them to edit content.

OffiSync help users always have a safe copy on Google Docs and open the document support whenever necessary.

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